Vladimir Lazić

Software Engineer

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About Me

I'm a Fullstack Software Engineer, a passionate learner and an occasional hiker.

Frontend Development: Advanced proficiency in React/VueJS and TypeScript, with a history of building intuitive and responsive web applications.

Backend Development: Proficient in Node.js and TypeScript, with experience in AWS cloud services. Additional expertise in Golang, PHP, Python

DevOps and Scripting: I'm Linux user for the last 20 years, experienced in setting up servers from ground up. I have a lot of experience with Docker, Ansible, Vagrant, Bash scripting, Github Actions, BitBucket Pipelines...

Mentorship and Leadership: Experience in mentoring young programmers and leading teams of developers. I enjoy sharing my knowledge and helping others grow.


Self-Employed - Belgrade, Serbia

Senior Software Engineer

In 2023 I took a sabbatical to focus on learning and enhancing my skills in Golang, mobile development (React Native), and creating applications centered around OpenAI's AI solutions.

I've also explored various technologies, frameworks, and platforms like Pocketbase, NextJS, NestJS, Firebase, N8N, in search for the ideal full-stack setup for building applications of varying complexity. Among the numerous projects I've undertaken (most of which are not public), notable ones include:

🔹 I'm working on a pet sitting application, which I'm developing using NextJS and NestJS. Hopefully, I'll be able to launch it soon and help pet owners find the best care for their pets.
🔹 GPT Project Context - A CLI tool to enhance productivity by providing project context to ChatGPT. This tool scans project files, generates output, and helps you use ChatGPT WebUI for development.
🔹 I developed two mobile applications using the React Native with Expo framework, through which I found my current ideal stack for mobile app development (state management, UI lib etc).

Alongside my learning initiatives, I took the opportunity to freelance on Upwork. I've picked projects that resonated with my learning goals, engaging in tasks such as developing NextJS applications and setting up n8n servers using Ansible. This targeted approach ensured that each project I took on was a carefully chosen opportunity to expand my skills.

Technologies used:
  • Frontend: React, NextJS, ReteJS
  • Backend: Pocketbase, Firebase, Golang, NestJS
  • Mobile Development: React Native with Expo, Tamagui UI

Clarivate - Belgrade, Serbia

Senior Software Engineer

At Clarivate, I had the opportunity to enhance my expertise in NodeJS/TypeScript backend programming and the AWS cloud ecosystem.

My contributions extended beyond backend development, as I took on a role that combined mentorship with hands-on assistance in frontend development, particularly focusing on the Integration Hub (iHub) widgets. This dual role involved guiding a small frontend team through technical challenges and ensuring the seamless integration of frontend components with backend services.

Integration Hub: File Upload and Anti Virus Integration
🔹 Developed a scalable, modular file upload system with encryption in the AWS cloud.
🔹 Partnering with Trend Micro's engineering team, I was instrumental in the integration of an Anti Virus service, thereby enhancing a universal cloud antivirus solution for corporate use, particularly within the framework of Trend Micro Cloud One™ – File Storage Security.

Integration Hub: Authorization Project
🔹 Engineered a secure authentication and authorization flow with a colleague, utilizing AWS API Gateway Authorizer. This process starts with identity verification via Clarivate's IAM, followed by JWT token issuance for specific resources, ensuring precise API access control and heightened backend security.
🔹 As part of the authorization project, we implemented and tested CORS policy, establishing fine-grained access control for allowed domains and subdomains.

Integration Hub Widgets: Development and Mentorship
🔹 Led the development of a versioned CI/CD pipeline for frontend iHub widgets, in collaboration with the DevOps team, hosted on AWS S3 and served via AWS CloudFront CDN for enhanced distribution.
🔹 Ensured compatibility and efficient integration of frontend components with backend systems, providing a cohesive development environment for the team.

Technologies used:
  • Frontend: React, Typescript
  • Backend: Node, TypeScript, AWS Lambda, AWS EventBridge, AWS S3, AWS API Gateway, AWS SNS, AWS SQS, Hashicorp Vault, DataDog
  • DevOPS: AWS SAM & CloudFormation, Hashicorp Terraform, Azure DevOps

Easy Aerial - Belgrade, Serbia

Senior Software Engineer

When I came to EasyAerial, my first priorities were to stabilize and improve
the frontend side of their existing application because of my experience in building
Single Page Applications (SPA).

From day one, I noticed that a lot of things on various projects could be automated and that my previous DevOps experience could be useful.

Therefore, my activities were more focused on implementing the best DevOps practices:
🔹 Introduction of automated tests (Jest, Cypress, Bats)
🔹 Virtualization (Docker, Vagrant)
🔹 Creating build and deploy pipeline using Bitbucket Pipeline and Jenkins

On a later stage, my focus slowly shifted to another project, an application for drone fleet management.

As a Team lead, my role was:
🔹 Code review for frontend (React, Typescript) and backend (AWS Lambda, AWS Cognito)
🔹 To improve, coordinate, and integrate the work of other teams into our application:
🔹 Drone simulation (AirSim, Ardupilot)
🔹 Video stream integration (WebRTC, AWS Kinesis Video Streams)
🔹 Provisioning of the Linux machines running drone SITL and ROS (Ansible, Bash scripts, Vagrant/VirtualBox
VM machines)

Technologies used:
  • Frontend: React, Typescript
  • Backend: Node
  • DevOPS: AWS, Linux System Administration, Vagrant

Freelance - Belgrade

Full Stack Engineer / Consultant

After finishing the project in Balkaneum, and getting some interesting offers from a few companies to work on something new, I decided to once again freelance.

I always wanted to explore Python more, so I did a small job in Django web framework.

I continued to consult on and help architect new projects for old clients: Advanced Language Institute (Vienna) and Gailiei IT (Belgrade).

After a few frontend jobs, I did consulting jobs where I was managing/fixing deployment process for two Angular and one PHP project.

Technologies used:
  • Frontend: React, Typescript
  • Backend: Python, Django
  • DevOps: Linux System Administration

Balkaneum - Belgrade, Serbia

Frontend Engineer

As the Lead FrontEnd Developer on a cryptocurrency trading platform xCalibra, this role served as both my baptism by fire into React/TypeScript and my initial dive into leading a team inclusive of junior developers. It was a period of intense learning and growth, where I not only brought the project to a successful conclusion but also specialized in React and developed a deep appreciation for TypeScript. This experience marked a pivotal moment in my career, profoundly shaping my technical expertise and leadership skills.

🔹 In 2018, due to limited TypeScript support from libraries, I developed code-generation scripts for TypeScript integration, creating interfaces for translation strings, theme configurations, RESTful routes, and payloads
🔹 Created a design system in StyledComponents with reusable components and day/night variants for dynamic UI adaptability.
🔹 Handled real-time cryptocurrency exchange data streams with, managing multiple WebSocket channels for live updates.
🔹 Improved SPA application performance by refining rendering optimizations, essential for handling rapid price changes in the crypto exchange platform.
🔹 Integrated various charting libraries.
🔹 Developed responsive layouts for devices ranging from mobiles to desktops.
🔹 Added internationalization support with i18next
🔹 Provided support to other teams on NextJS, React, Electron, and PHP projects.

Technologies used:
  • Frontend: React, Redux, Styled Components, TypeScript
  • Backend: NodeJS, NextJS,

Upwork - Belgrade, Serbia

Full Stack Developer

Varius projects ranging from configuration of Linux Servers to WordPress plugin development, site speed optimisation, Javascript (VueJS) etc.

Technologies used:
  • Frontend: VueJs
  • Backend: PHP
  • DevOps: Bash, Ansible

Galilei IT - Belgrade, Serbia

Full Stack Engineer

I was integral to developing the GALIS School Management System, Serbia's leading platform for the complex needs of music and ballet schools. My expertise in PHP, Smarty, jQuery, and knockout.js contributed to the system's robust backend and interactive frontend. Additionally, I managed DevOps tasks, including Linux server administration, automation scripting, and creating virtual environments for the development team, alongside producing essential documentation for programmers.

The second role was a development of 'BookRally', a WordPress-based platform that empowers authors to launch crowdfunding campaigns for their upcoming books. This project involved engineering custom plugins and designing a unique theme to mimic the Kickstarter experience, specifically tailored for book promotions.
This role demanded a deep dive into custom WordPress development, focusing on creating a user-friendly platform that supports authors in their fundraising efforts.

Technologies used:
  • Frontend: JavaScript (NodeJS, KnockoutJS, jQuery, npm, Gulp)
  • Backend: PHP (WordPress, Laravel, Composer, MySQL)
  • DevOps: System Administration (Git, Bash, Python, Ansible, Vagrant)

Self-employed - Belgrade, Serbia

Freelance Web Developer

As a freelancer, I made a lot of small to medium-size websites in custommade PHP CMS, WordPress and Joomla. At that time I was creator, administrator and editor of student site, providing students with information and studying materials

Technologies used:
  • Frontend: JavaScript
  • Backend: PHP, MySQL


Sumit Kapoor picture

Sumit Kapoor

Lead DevOps Engineer at Clarivate Analytics

Vlad is a brilliant technologist, architect, and developer.

His work has been so exemplary, that it is difficult to know where to begin. There is no challenge too great for Vlad, and regardless of how complex the requirements, or challenging the environment, his calm easy manner and incredible technical capabilities make short work of any challenge. He has a true and complete understanding of all the technical aspects of architecting and developing web applications using Node.js, React, TypeScript, MongoDB and AWS Lambda, plus the ability to write and create anything in Linux.

Vlad’s work is of the highest quality and value, and I would consider him in the top tier engineers within our industry.
Miloš Mrdaković picture

Miloš Mrdaković

Web Developer at TX Services, previously multisHQ, Balkaneum/Xcalibra

I worked with Vladimir on a large scale project for a year.

Above all I appreciate his unconditional will to share knowledge and help. He boosted our team spirit with the positive attitude.

He is a versatile developer with broad knowledge. Although he specialize in frontend programming, he has rich experience in both backend and devops. What distinguish him is a creative approach to problem solving.

I admire that he accepted the challenge to lead the frontend part of the project without previous experience in some of the technologies. He managed to meet all the requirements and bring the project to an end.

The time we spent together was very productive and I am grateful for the knowledge that shaped me as a programmer.
Dr. Joshua Lange picture

Dr. Joshua Lange

Co-Founder and CEO at Advanced Language Institute

Vladimir is an excellent professional and problem-solver.

He Is not only very good at front end and has knowledge of IT, but also can bring ideas to the project and solve problems quickly.

Best freelancer I ever hired.

(Upwork, 2019)

Vlad is a top professional who uses his vast knowledge of IT and many other things to solve real problems and help create amazing technology.

We have worked together on several projects and not only is Vlad a great team leader and IT expert - he is also a great person.

(LinkedIn, 2021)
Nikola Komazec picture

Nikola Komazec

Digital Marketing Specialist | Content Writer | Cryptocurrency & Blockchain

I had a pleasure of working with Vladimir for a year at Balkaneum and I can say he's very capable and committed colleague.

I was impressed with his programming skills as well as his wide range of interests and abilities. When you hire Vladimir you don't get just a developer, you also get an all-rounded person and a great guy. He is very keen to help everybody and share his skills.

I admire his motivation and devotion to finish projects before deadline against all obstacles. Vladimir is one of those colleagues everyone enjoys working with. That's why he became our friend as well.

I will definitely miss our talks about philosophy during the breaks. I hope Vladimir will succeed in pursuing his dreams, but if he ever decides to be a part of any company again - he earns my highest recommendation. Vladimir would be an asset to any team.
Slobodan Pavković picture

Slobodan Pavković

Web Developer

I had the pleasure of working with Vladimir for three years at the Galilei it, collaborating on several projects.

Vladimir's ability to work on multiple projects made a dramatic difference in the productivity level of our team.

As a team member or a leader, Vladimir earns my highest recommendation.
Uroš Mitrović picture

Uroš Mitrović

Front End Developer

I am pleased to be able to write this letter of recommendation for Vladimir.

He was always open minded and willing to share his knowledge, ideas and experience with his colleagues. During work hours he works independently and effectively and follows tasks through to completion, and I always enjoyed a good time in his company discussing philosophy after working hours.

I have known him for a year, and we worked on a separate projects in the company. Over that time I have seen in mature in his skills and expertise as a developer. His knowledge and insights help me to improve myself as well and I am very grateful for that.

He would be a valuable asset to any team and I am, therefore, very pleased to be able to highly recommend Vladimir.


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